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Gunna - See You Do Better

Gunna - See You Do Better
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  • Дата релиза: 19 август 2019
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Take it back, all I ever needed was hope
If we take it far can you fall on your folks?
You think you're a side [?] she wrote
I got to beat the cell
I got to be the one
Nah, I can't be the one to [?]
Ain't nobody hear [?] call [?] about
Always been the freshest I be cleaner than soap
I control this business I don't need a remote
Got some millions in I'm 'bout to get plenty more
Gunna won I'ma kill him with antidote
These rappers selling baby and I thought you would know
I let the engine run
I [?]
How [?] set this shit on fire like a Pope
High and they wanna run
How [?] gun
High [?] slime so I called me some hoes
Finessing big B's and my cousin a folk
I sting like a bee gotta watch your approach
I can't believe it's two hundred g's for a show
You hitting these but I can't believe you a hoe
You fuck around bitch you gotta keep it on the low
AP down baby I'd rather see you grow
Nobody wanna see you doing better no, no
Nobody wanna see you doing better no, no

I wanna see you do better
Fly don't believe me pour a [?] (fly)
When it's cold [?] warm like a sweater (sweater)
I don't hide my chain in the weather
If you only had one time you could hear my voice I sing my song 'cause flavor
'Cause I wouldn't like [?] let it rain on the road something better
C's in the Rolls look better
These B's in the Rolls got [?]
[?] my mind [?]
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